Policy of Azpetrol for labor protection and safety technique has been established in full compliance with the existing state strategy, and each facility of the Company has its technical passport. Also, the Company cooperates with several enterprises in realization of joint projects on EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment).

The policy conducted by Azpetrol Company includes the followings:

― Providing staff with safe working environment which creates favourable opportunity to increase labor productivity;

― Regular improvement of labor protection and safety technique regulations, ensuring control over strict observance of their requirements;

― Maintaining of labor protection and safety technique regulations at the level meeting the appropriate state and international standards;

― Increase of reliability of the equipment and work quality by ensuring fail-safety;

― Imlementation of measures aimed at determination and elimination of possible problems on labor protection and safety technique;

― Strengthening the control over observance of labor protection and safety technique regulations, by applying state-of-the-art technology in the facilities of the Company.

Statement on Health, Security and Environment Policy

― Goals of the company are always to provide and maintain safe and healthy working.

― The Company understands its responsibility for employees’ security and health requires stable and consistent efforts of the partnership where its employees, subcontractors and their employees, entrepreneurs and their employees are engaged.

― Company follows all generally accepted practices and procedures required by the law for protection and improvement of others’ security and health who are subject to the influence of the activity of the group or its employees.

― The company follows all security, health standards, working norms and procedures considered for the company production area.

― The company assists and strengthens implementation, development, promotion, efficiency and improvement of the health protection and ecological program.

― The company often carries out audits to make sure the company reaches the goal of the group by exemplary management method to prevent each partner and person from suffering and illness.

― The final (main) goal of the company is to prevent accidents and injuries, and to protect environment.

― The Management prefers the issues regarding prevention of accidents and protection of employees’ health and security to any other operations and administrative functions in the company.

― In all levels employees work with effort and constantly to implement the security, health and ecological policy of the group following the highest standards with the purpose to prevent human suffering and loss caused by dangerous behavior.